Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants

Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Inclucare Ambassador Trained staff
  • Level access to bars
  • Level access to restaurants
  • Visit popular tourist attractions
Camel with adapted saddle from Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants

Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants

Each year the Morocco Accessible team research new and exciting accommodations and excursions all across Morocco. Where others say impossible – they say possible. When others see barriers – they see solutions.

When travelling to Morocco with a disability, there are several things to keep in mind. The team focusses on 3 main areas to provide an exciting and reduced-barrier experience: accommodations, transportation and assistance.


Your bathroom, the room size, dining areas, pool area – all of these things can affect the success of your travel. The possibility of encountering an inaccessible bathroom is not worth the risk. As such, the team personally assess every room that they offer to their clients for accessibility.

If you need a roll-in shower, they know which hotels will meet your needs. If you need grab bars, they’ll know which hotels have them. They haven’t guessed what you will encounter – neither should you.


Accessible accommodations are only valuable if you can get there. Hand-selected, English-speaking drivers are equipped to help you experience the wonder of Morocco. The most common feedback received is just how welcoming and amazing the drivers are!


When you are exploring the majesty of Morocco, you may find that equipment or a wheelchair pusher can provide access to places you would not have thought possible. Whether it is a portable ramp or hiring someone to help push your wheelchair for a medina tour – the Morocco Accessible team have options to make it possible. Riding a camel, trekking in an ancient fortified city, and wheeling through a 1200 year old UNESCO World Heritage site are no longer untouchable. Experiences that were once thought impossible for people with disabilities are now possible.

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